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Learn traditional Shotokan Karate for self defense and competition

All ages and abilities welcome. Chief instructor and national kata coach, Sensei Chico Mbakwe (8° dan).

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Affiliated with the Welsh Karate Governing Body

The WSKU is affiliated to the Welsh Karate Governing Body and all instructors hold WKGB coaching awards and first aid certificates, have been on child a protection courses and DBS checked.

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Traditional Shotokan Karate

We practise traditional Shotokan Karate

For competition and self defense

For competition & self-defense

All ages and abilities

Open to all ages and abilities

All instructors fully certified

All instructors are fully certified

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South Glamorgan Shotokan

South Glamorgan Shotokan is the parent Dojo of the WSKU where traditional Shotokan karate is taught by highly efficient instructors, all of whom have had a lot of Japanese tuition from the likes of sensei’s Asano, Kanazawa, Enoeda, Kato, Nagai, Kawasoe, Ochi and have also been taught by many of the most formidable British instructors such as Sensei Steve Cattle, Sensei Terry O'neil, Sensei Dave Hazard, Sensei Rick Jackson, and Sensei Aidan Trimble just to name a few.