All instructors can show you moves. Good instructors will show their meaning. Many instructors promote grades. Great instructors promote understanding.

Learning karate is challenging. Enthusiasm, physical strength and determination only takes us so far.

Decades of training, study, and practise has made sensei Chico Mbakwe one of the foremost karateka in Wales and the UK. Assisted by his chief instructors, sensei Chico guides the students of WSKU dojo to grasp the application and meaning of karate-do.

Legally qualified

Legally qualified

Chief instructors with WSKU are qualified to coach Shotokan karate and facilitate safe and purposeful training, as recognised by the Welsh Karate Governing BodySport Wales and UK Athletics.

These credentials for safe tuition of karate include:

The WSKU dojo has developed some of Wales' finest karateka, led by sensei Chico Mbakwe. Assisting him and leading other karate dojos within the WSKU are senseis Phil Hiatt, Stuart HockeyDarren Taylor and Lynton Black.

Our dojo also enjoys the support of seasoned and very experienced dan-grades. Their decades-long experience in teaching and international tournaments adds invaluable knowledge to every training session.

Train karate for £3.50 per class

Common questions answered

What if I don't feel confident enough?

We foster a friendly atmosphere, with very little formality. Our instructors encourage all students to train correctly and will only ever ask students to do what they're comfortable doing.

Karate can help develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The WSKU dojo is a place where all are welcome and are invited to develop spirit, strength and character.

How much does my size or weight matter when training karate?

Karate can be practised by people of all shapes and sizes. The most senior and revered karateka such as Shirai, Kase, Asai, Ochi sensei to name a few, have demonstrated that mastery of this martial art isn't restricted to one particular build.

Does karate improve confidence and self control?

Confidence will come from being around other karateka, training with the senior dan grades and embracing the martial nature of karate. All our training is about taking instruction and implementing a fighting art, with control. That control keeps everyone safe, sharpens your skills as a fighter and by extension cultivates self-control.