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How young can someone start training with you?

5 years old is the youngest we'd accept. Training at such a young age the only expectation is for them to grasp basic stance and coordination.

Do I need to wear a uniform on my first class?

No. Just wear something comftable and breathable. Sweat pants or joggers and a t-hsirt are fine to begin.


What if I don't know the rules of the dojo?

Etiquette is easy to pick-up, everyone follows the same code. Beginners simply copy their more experienced fellow students.

What if I don't feel confident enough?

We foster a friendly atmosphere, with very little formality. Our instructors encourage all students to train correctly and will only ever ask students to do what they're comfortable doing.

Karate can help develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The WSKU dojo is a place where all are welcome and are invited to develop spirit, strength and character.

Contacting Us

How do I contact a dojo

Our Dojos page lists training times & days, and contact telephone details for our chief instructors.

I'm calling, why can't I get through?

Please leave a message if you can't get through to someone. Call during regular business hours or in the very early evening. 

For any enquiry, you're always welcome to send a message via our Contact page. Leave your details and someone will respond, promptly.

How do I make a general enquiry?

To find out more, whether enquiring about joining or tournaments etc, visit our Contact page.


Can my family come along?

Yes, they can. Even the most experienced students can get nervous and friends or family are always welcome to add support and enjoy the occasion.

How often are gradings?

We hold 4 grading assessments per year.  All WSKU students eligible to grade convene at our Hombu Dojo at St Cadoc's, Llanrumny.


How much does a gi cost?

One of the most popular brands of karate equipment is Blitz. Their adult gi ranges from £40 to £150, with kids' gi costing less than £40.

Can I pay for a batch of classes?

We find it's easier for classes to be paid for upon attending your dojo.


What if I don't have equipment?

It's not essential to have your own equipment (and certainly not for beginners). The main item to consider is your gi, but only when you feel comfortable and wish to attend classes more regularly.

Do you mainly practice fighting?

WSKU practise a rounded syllabus comprising fundamental technique, attack & defence combinations, and freestyle fighting. These are referred to as kihon, kata and kumite, respectively.

Shotokan is a well-rounded style of karate, where the focus is on developing the complete karateka (or student), instead of concentrating on one specific aspect of combat.


How much does my size or weight matter when training karate?

Karate can be practised by people of all shapes and sizes. The most senior and revered karateka such as Shirai, Kase, Asai, Ochi sensei to name a few, have demonstrated that mastery of this martial art isn't restricted to one particular build.

Can I train on an injury?

If you have any injury or weakness, you should take proper medical advice and listen to what your body tells you before coming to the dojo. Don't aggravate or prolong an injury by training when you should be recovering/healing.

There are safe ways to train and improve your strength to potentially assist in recovery, but please get professional medical advice and do not train if they advise you not to.