The dojo creed

Humility, endeavour, respect, sincerity, purity, honesty, and patience.

Rules are guidelines and should be strictly adhered to.


Respect at all times, is key. Respect underpins control. Control yourself and you can control your opponent.

The following points are common throughout all karate dojo. All karateka (no matter their grade or rank,) observe the etiquette.


  • Self-discipline, mutual trust and respect for one's opponent are essential to safe practice.
  • Please, carefully observe the following procedure in any dojo (hall, gym or room).
  • At all times the instructor must be called Sensei.
  • On entering the dojo rei (bow).
  • On greeting one's Sensei, training partner or other budokai (practitioner or the martial arts) rei and say "oo's / oss".
  • Students shall make every effort to attend classes on time.
  • Any person who has been drinking shall not present themselves for training.
  • Never walk on any training or contest area whilst wearing shoes.
  • Smoking and foul language between students in the dojo are at all times strictly forbidden.
  • Students must keep their bodies clean, nails must be cut short, and gi's must be washed and pressed. Gi's must not be drawn or written on by students.
  • Any student who arrives after training has commenced, or leaves the dojo before training has finished, shall execute a full kneeling rei at the edge of the mat.
  • Instructors shall not be called by their first name in the dojo.
  • No unnecessary talking is permitted during training. Students shall do their utmost to carry out the training as laid down by their Sensei.
  • All commands are carried out at the double.
  • Any student wishing to leave the dojo area shall not do so until receiving permission.
  • When training with an opponent, both shall rei simultaneously before and after training.
  • When demonstrating for, or upon receiving instruction for the Sensei, students shall acknowledge with standing rei and "oo's / oss".
  • Before entering any training or contest area for a competition, always rei at the perimeter before advancing into the area.
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