Sensei Lynton and Moggsy

Freestyle sparring

Be fearless

There's no doubt that sensei Lynton has utter respect for the control, commitment and spirit of all our young & upcoming dan-grades. In truth, Lynton and Moggsy always enjoy sparring together.

Notice how focused and fearless Moggsy is; he doesn't take his eyes off his opponent; his every impulse is to commit and fight.

Sensei Lynton and Moggsy

Be confident

Imagine what it takes to square up to someone more than twice your age, with decades more fighting experience, in front of your friends.

Then imagine what it's like to not back down, confidently throw your weight around and hold your own.

Our dojo teaches students of karate the proper way to control and harness power and technique. Over time, this elevates self awareness and confidence, which people take into every aspect of their life.


Training in martial arts doesn't make you invincible or invulnerable. But it does cultivate confidence and self-belief. Practising karate with knowledgeable and dedicated instructors will hone a mindset that few people are lucky enough to access.

The habits and disciplines that are ingrained in us through correct training, weave themselves into all aspects of life.

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