Light kumite for coordination and attacking combinations

Light freestyle sparring kumite

Higher and lower grades sparring

As the senior (dan) grade and more experienced fighter, sensei Lynton is pushing sempai Dean. Building progressively more counter-attacks, Dean is forced to adapt and move under pressure.  Lynton's defence should be solid and every move should help him attack, evade or create problems for his sparring partner.

By drawing out Dean's attack (while also not backing down), Lynton is helping him to fight while staying mobile and alert. Encouraging Dean to create his own effective attacks and counters, and then stay out of harm's way.

Light kumite for coordination and attacking combinations

Practise, practise, practise!

This is not a contest or a slug-fest, or a test of strength or speed. This is practice, for coordination, attacking combinations, thinking on the move and thinking when being put under pressure.

This training develops confidence, a repertoire for footwork, attacking combinations and spacial awareness.

Practising trading combinations, catching each other off-guard and taking one another off balance, helps to build up strategies to make life difficult for their opponent in a fight.

Unlike a real fight...

Light kumite is low physical jeopardy, so fighters can focus on their technique without worrying about injury if something goes wrong.

It means we can practise things that wouldn't be possible in a real exchange because we're applying maximum control and minimum force, for safety.

It means opponents (who might be a total mismatch in the real world) can fight without being bubble-wrapped for protection.

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