Light kumite, freestyle sparring

Practicing mobility in attack & defence

Sharper and more aggressive (but still light) kumite, both of us aiming to score an attack. Despite the difference in experience, Joe shows confidence and is figuring out his range, distance and attacking combinations.

Light kumite, freestyle sparring

Training, not competing

This exchange is still just practice, refining technique, perfecting control and training specific aspects of our fighting skills. We're not competing or trying to test who's stronger, harder or faster.


Shotokan karate makes it possible to practice brutal hand-to-hand combat techniques in a safe and controlled way.

A common misconception (especially across social media) is that such karate is ineffective 'in the street'. Minimal contact and maximum control are for safety in the dojo.

Learning to control the weapons of this martial art means we can choose maximum contact if the situation called for it.

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