Sparring, competition format

Freestyle kumite with one excellent sparring partner

To the untrained eye, tournament-style kumite bears no resemblance to fighting in the real world. To the trained and informed, both competition sparring and a brawl in the street are defined by moments when either opponent lands a decisive attack.

Sparring, competition format


In all fighting arts, the tournament setting is unique. There is no way to reproduce the tension, pressure and excitement. Competition kumite demands mobility, spacial awareness and combative skill.

Competitive sparring forces our constant re-evaluation of an opponent. Timing and judgment of the attack, combined with movement around the opponent.


Like all well-trained karateka, Ieuan and Lynton demonstrate total respect for each other here, while also applying commitment and controlled aggression.

Interruption of the fight when scoring attacks are awarded by the referee, for instance, makes the exchange vastly different from freestyle 'dojo sparring'.

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